Monday, August 28, 2017

Question of the week: Can I Drive Traffic to My Site without Using SEO Or Social Media?

This isn’t a stupid question. (And yes, there is such a thing.) It is a strange question though. And here’s our response: 

You Do Not Need to Use SEO Or Social Media to Drive Traffic to Your Site

It’s true. There are more than a few ways you can do this. And none of them involve magic or sorcery. So here goes.

1. List Your Website

Many of you remember the Yellow Pages. They were established in 1886 - long before black and white TV. At any rate, they were the go-to for finding what you needed. 

Similar to those Yellow Pages, you can list your website on places like Google or Yelp so people looking for your specific service or product can find your website.

2. Engage with Your Industry Online

Start leaving genuine and meaningful comments on relevant blogs that don’t serve as direct competition. Over time you start to make some connections and can start to mention your site on these blogs.

Just be cool about it. 

3. Go to Networking Events

This might sound radical. 

Going to an actual networking event is also known as “showing up in person.” It’s a tactic that’s widely ignored in this, the Age of the Screen and Wearing Your Pajamas Until 11AM. (We’re not judging.)

At any rate, you put on real clothes, show up and hand out business cards. But here’s the trick. Leave out the contact details you would normally find on a business card and include only your website. That way, those new contacts are forced to visit your site.

4. Host Or Sponsor Your Own Event

Let’s say that you sell fishing gear. You could host an informative event at a sporting goods store where you give anglers special tips, hand out merchandise that mentions your website, and try to hook them. (Obvious pun intended.)

Or perhaps you offer wedding design consulting. What would happen if you sponsored an event at a bridal shop, gave away some swag with your website address, and guaranteed that one lucky visitor would get your services free of charge? (Of course there’s the outside chance you’ll get stuck with a bridezilla, but no one forced you to go into wedding design consulting.)

You get the point.

5. Slap Your Website Address on Your Ride

Mary Kay Cosmetics got noticed by slapping the company name all over their signature pink cars. You could get yourself noticed too. Then again, you might not want to. And we get it. 

6. Write A Book

Sure, while publishing a book these days is close to a “just add water and stir” scenario, writing a book is a much larger venture. 

It requires a considerable amount of time and at least the ability to write. (Although that’s not as much of a requirement as it once was…)

There are still other ways, but we are curious as to whether you’re seeing the pattern here? 

If not, we’ll lay it out for you.

Yes, you can drive traffic to your site without SEO and social media. People have drawn physical traffic to their businesses for centuries incorporating old-school tactics. (Hieroglyphics, anyone?) It just takes a lot more effort and footwork on your part. 

And that’s why we find this a strange inquiry and one which really just begs the question, When SEO and social media are such an effective part of a digital marketing strategy, why wouldn’t you use them?

But that’s a topic probably better suited for a psychology blog.