Friday, August 26, 2016

LeDuc Creative Adds Kara Grupe to Enhance Social Media Strategies and Communication.

For Immediate Release
Contact: John LeDuc, President, LeDuc Creative Co.

PH: (734) 769-9453

Ann Arbor, MI. May 2016. LeDuc Creative Company, a full-service marketing and advertising agency recently announced the addition of Kara Grupe as their new PR and Social Media Manager.

As an early adopter of social media, Grupe brings the passion and analytical understanding of the platforms, tools and channels required to strategically promote LeDuc Creative’s clients with a
prominent online presence. Her research and analytical abilities have helped increase the ranking positions of many clients and help them continue to establish themselves in their chosen industries.

Grupe’s previous experience as a horseback riding instructor and Equestrian Director have also given her a unique teaching perspective and problem solving abilities, enabling her to bring an individual and creative approach to any situation as seen in her success managing the various accounts at LeDuc Creative.


About LeDuc Creative
Based in Ann Arbor for more than 35 years, LeDuc Creative has been providing our clients with high
quality and effective marketing and advertising throughout many diverse industries, from medical and manufacturing to academic institutions.

Our full range of services include traditional, digital and social strategies combined with attentive,
analytical thinking, and are implemented based on the individual needs of our clients to deliver better
results and a higher ROI.

For more information on the full creative and tactical capabilities of LeDuc Creative, call (734) 769-9453 or visit us on the web at:

Monday, August 15, 2016

So… What’s The Plan? It's Time to Craft Your Marketing Strategy for 2017.

So… What’s The Plan?

There are those who say life is what happens while you’re busy planning. The idea being that we need to play more and plan less.

That’s a nice thought, but not terribly effective when it comes to running a business.

At LeDuc Creative Company, we understand the importance of solid planning in order to achieve success. In fact, we come together as a group every Thursday at noon to have a little lunch, talk strategy and make a plan for the coming week or quarter.

And then - and this is the important part - we execute that plan. Because even the best laid plan is nothing without action.

As we head toward the autumn of 2016, we’re taking a good hard look at analytics, strategy and planning for 2017. For our agency, sure. But even more so for our clients. After all, they rely on us for their bread and butter (assuming they’re not gluten free or lactose intolerant) so it’s vital we analyze and plan for every aspect of advertising we do for them.

Our team is currently working with each client to create a strategy based on their individual needs. We believe that now is the time to analyze and put into action their plan not only for the remainder of this year, but well into 2017.

We’ve been recently inspired by one of our own clients, Mark Van Sumeren,  the Managing Director at Health Industry Advisor.

Mark published a book entitled A "Trip" To Strategic Leadership: A Heavy-Handed CEO's Journey of Self-Discovery and the Principles of Strategy and it has been a valuable resource for us in our own strategizing.

Through the character of Bill Ellis, a fictional character who’s all too real, he tells the story of a frustrated CEO who is well aware that for all of his strategizing, something is terribly amiss and his company is failing. The book follows his journey toward saving his company.  

Van Sumeren says, “My purpose is to convey several principles of strategic leadership, as well as an accelerated process of strategy formulation. These lessons are equally applicable to public and private companies, charitable and for-profit organizations, and large and small enterprises.”

In this new climate of advertising, there are far more avenues and options for marketing and advertising than ever before.

Recently, Proctor & Gamble reviewed their own marketing plan and realized that despite all of the hype, advertising on Facebook was not as effective in generating business as they’d anticipated. As a result, they cut back their spending in that area and made several significant changes in their online advertising strategies.

Are they using this extra money to engineer the direct piping of cleaning products into homes? Or having them delivered by special Proctor & Gamble drones? Who knows.

Whatever the case, when working to achieve the best results for our own clients, we want to be sure we’ve left no stone unturned.

Whether that’s social media, SEO, traditional marketing or any other of a myriad of marketing venues. We’ll even do sky writing, if that’s what’ll give you the most bang for your buck (which is unlikely).

So what’s your strategy for the rest of this year? We’d love to hear about it… and offer you our input.