Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The LeDuc 2017 Strategy - Moving Forward Requires Forward Thinking

At the risk of overstating the obvious, it’s nearly impossible to make progress if you’re standing still. Even harder if you’re moving backward.

Heading into 2017, we are well aware that we are moving. And we are moving forward and faster than ever before. You might even say faster than a burp in a dust storm. Then again, you might not. In any case, we know the importance of not just embracing new ideologies, but creating them. It really isn’t enough to be just up-to-date these days. So our 2017 strategy calls for thinking beyond this.

And we’ve got plans in place.

One of our new services is providing our clients with in-house Google AdWords writing and management by our own Certified Google AdWords Expert. This program enables businesses to set their budget for advertising and pay only when people click the ads. The service is by and large focused on keywords.

We’ve also added market research software designed specifically for LeDuc Creative. The software gives us access to comprehensive geographical, financial, and demographical information. It will assist us in developing budgets and proposals that are relevant to the company. This applies to both our current clients, as well as those we hope to pitch. Whether they’re local, national, international, or inter-galactic. (Okay, that last one might be a touch ambitious.)

And another thing - we’re big on fact checking. We’re noticing more and more sites that regularly have to commit valuable space to retractions. This is space where they could be posting information about promotions, special offers or videos of squirrels on waterskis. (Really only relevant if they sell waterskis. Or squirrels.) We believe in honesty, transparency, and getting the facts straight the first time. No spin doctors here.

See, we’re not in this just to make a pretty website or an eye-grabbing emailer. We drive the success of our clients. And we do it in a way that’s thoughtful, thorough, energetic and fun.

Yeah, fun. Because along with listening, understanding, advising, brainstorming and adding the new intellectual currency of researching, fact-checking and AdWords, we’re going to keep having a good time.

After all, there’s no crying in advertising.